Car Sanitization Practices During COVID-19 Outbreak

At Dempster's Quality Car Care, we understand that the current state of our world is scary and uncertain. With the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the past few weeks, many changes have been made and orders put into place to stop the spread of the virus and keep as many people healthy as possible. While you may be scrambling to wash your hands regularly and sanitize surfaces, we encourage you not to forget about your vehicle. Whether you are still traveling to work or just using your vehicle to go to the store for supplies, be sure that you are sanitizing your vehicle. 

The most important areas to sanitize in your car are the steering wheel, door handles, gear shifter, emergency parking brakes, and middle console controls. Also, we recommend sanitizing your blinker, wipers, locks, and window controls. You should do this any time your enter your vehicle. According to health officials, COVID-19 can live on surfaces for up to 3 days. Try to avoid touching your face, nose, or mouth areas while in your car with unwashed hands after visiting the store or work. 

We would also like to remind everyone we are still OPEN for business. If you are in need of any service or repair we are happy to help and serve you here at Dempster's. Auto repair is considered an essential business because members of our society still need to get to the store or work. Whether your vehicle needs a repair or you are due for a service that you've been putting off, our experts are here to help. You can be sure that we've made the proper adjustments including regular sanitizing and using protective measures while servicing your vehicle to do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19. 

Dempster's Quality Car Care is currently donating $5.00 for every closed invoice until April 30th to HAT Packs. HAT Packs are helping to providing families and children in need with meal packs so that not family or child goes hungry during this tough time. Additionally, with every service or repair we are offering a FREE Digital Health Inspection Report on your vehicle. Please stay safe and check on your neighbors!

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